Friday, July 04, 2008

Movie and tag

I saw Sex & The City tonight with some girls from work. Oh I LOVED it! I laughed... I cried... It lived up to the series, which I LOVED. I really missed the series when it finished. I'm gonna miss it again now!

I've been tagged! Thanks TAM!

1. Ten years ago..........I was 25, had been with Dave for less than a year, working in the public service, about to sell a house

2. 5 things on my to do list (I wrote this this morning - now I can check off a few things!)
* organise to catch up with friends in the school holidays next week
* at lunchtime buy a bread roll
* and post a journalling spots order
* organise going to the movies tonight
* get some scrapbooking commitments done

3.Snacks I enjoy.....cakes, chips, chocolate, Heaven or Crunchie ice creams, grapes with yoghurt & brown sugar (something a little healthy to finish off that naughty list!)

4. If I were a millionaire.....I'd pay off our mortgage, quit work, travel, buy houses for my sisters and parents, take a holiday with my whole family.

5. Places I have lived...

Sydney (Engadine)
Coffs Harbour (Toormina, Korora Basin)
Canberra (Chisholm, Theodore, Chifley, Banks)

Now I'll tag Lea, Moira, Sheree, Helen and Mardi. Come on - it's just a quickie! :D


Sares said...

Hey chook - is that a new banner up there? Or did I just not look closely enough at it last time I visited? Whatever - it's gorgeous!
Sares x

kayla renee macaulay said...

hey yvette

i want to watch sex and the has so many great reviews

You've been tagged

KR. xx

helenkaranfilovski said...

Hey Yvette - great answers...
Will do mine next post:)))))))
And great you enjoyed SATC - I loved it too:))

Tam said...

Hi again...I seem to be turning into the

Theres another one on my blog for you...sorry about that..have fun with it..
And how great was SITC..loved it!
Love Tam xxxxxxxx

Moi said...

Oh serves me right for not checking in ... I am very late for your tag ... I will do it soon!

Sheree said...

I still haven't seen S&TC... terrible I know. Can't wait though!

Thanks for the tag! I'll get it up onto my blog now that I'm home from holidays... sometime over the next couple of days when I catch up on everything!

Hope you're having a lovely week!
Sheree xx