Thursday, June 26, 2008

holiday scrappin and school scrappin

Mum and Dad got back from their 6 week European holiday today! It's so good to have them home. I always have a little fear at the back of my mind when they go overseas. They went to Dubai, Italy, France and UK, with most of their time spent in Italy and France. They even rented a little cottage in a small French village and LIVED there for a week. I just think that would have been the coolest thing! It's been wonderful to have so much contact with them while they've been away. We've had phone calls, text messages, photos sent to our phones as well as some photos uploaded to Facebook by their travel buddies! I sneakily put together this mini album for them which they got in their letterbox today on their return. I tucked their emails in behind a few photos. I was going to include text messages too but then I realised that when I got a new sim card I lost them. Oh well, they would have been tricky to fit in there! I can't wait to see them when they come to visit soon. No idea when that will be tho! Tassy had her school photos taken in March and we got them back LAST WEEK! Yes people - three months later. Boy was I hanging out for those photos! There was some major delay, then a few weeks ago everyone in Tassy's class got their photos except for Tassy! So after several phone calls it was decided that she mustn't have handed in the form (which I don't actually believe!) so I did it all over the phone and we finally got the photos. I think it's a pretty darn cute photo, even if she does have a very fake smile, lol. Not sure why those piggies look lopsided cos I'm pretty anal about her hair being right! lol. I just scrapped it really simply so that hopefully I'll be able to easily do another 12 matching ones down the track! I used one of my journalling spots which you can see for sale in my etsy store here! And hey, if you have any special requests for journalling spots just ask!


kathie said...

Love that school photo layout! And that's high praise, lol, coz I usually dislike them with some intensity. Something about the posing. Anyway, I love this one!

And huge congrats on the US publications. WTG!

Shirley Fyfe said...

I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed catching up on all your news Yvette and seeing all your gorgeous creations too - as usual they are just stunning!

Congrats on the etsy shop too! I really should get more motivated with mine I suppose!

LEA said...

wow that mini book is SO GREAT and how clever you are to een think of it. I can imagine how much granny and papa must love it. Ollie just popped over to the comp. and said 'ohhh that's Tassy' and smiled. Have a happy week!

Sheree said...

What a wonderful surprise for your Mum & Dad to find that gorgeous little mini-album waiting for them! So thoughtful of you Yvette and it looks great!

Love the layout of Tassy's school photo! We only got Ayden's a few weeks ago too (it took ages as well) but I haven't got around to scrapping it yet.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

I AM at Mum and Dad's!! And as I said I have been meaning to post but haven't had time to sit down and do it so I brought the pics down here on a Memory Key and posted from here! YAy technology!
Do I write how I talk? Lol. Imagine!
And I LOVE the travel album you did for the parentals, it's just SO gorgeous! And they are sooo happy to have something that they can already show ppl. Fantastic! You are amazing to have it already done for them when they got home.. you are such a machine. A thoughtful one too :)

Moi said...

You are SOOO sweet to do that for your folks! How very thoughtful you are!!! xxx
And very noice school photo layout! That sucks about the hassles with the school photos. I've had issues in the past too! Tassy's piggies look fine by the way. And congrats on the Etsy store and thanks for giving me so many product samples!!! xxx