Saturday, May 03, 2008

High School Musical on Ice

We were there today! It was great. I thought we'd have great seats cos we were in row c! Unforunately, they're in reverse order, so we were third from the back, lol. But really every seat would have had a great view. Tassy was funny. While we were there she went thru phases of being really excited to being very quiet and afterwards she said "I didn't really enjoy it that much". I think it was just a bit long for her, but they chopped up the movies so much it couldn't really have been any shorter! I really enjoyed it. How much would I have loved to have been in it.... not that I can skate, lol.


Megan said...

Classic Yvette...I'd most certainly come to watch if you were in it, ESPECIALLY if you can't skate lol.

Great photos....glad you all had a good time, even if Tassy wasn't convinced about whether she liked it or not by the end :-)

Megan xx

Moi said...

I thought it was great! You got some good pics. We didn't take any ...
Somehow missed your last post. Love the letter from Tassy!

Sheree said...

Looks like a lot of fun Yvette! You managed to get some great pics too.

Sheree xx