Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mothers day class

As we speak Kim Archer is running a fantastic Mothers Day workshop in her online classroom. And it's definitely not too late to join in the fun! Here's a sneak peak at what we're up to in the classroom.Lots of gorgeous gift ideas plus two layouts! And such fantastic value for just $20. I think we all now how much I love Kim's classes, lol.

I just had to show you this letter Tassy wrote me. Allow me to translate below...
To Mummy
from Tasmyn or Tassy
I love you
I love your bonbons (yeah I know, sounds like something Dave would say, but we were actually making bonbons, lol)
I aspeshlee love Bella
you say yes
boo boo
ha ha ha
I chrekd (tricked) you
Am I fune (funny) or am I fune
Well I thik I am
Oh der I thik I have the gigeling getes (giggling gerties)
Love Tasmyn

Totally cracked me up. :D


MadonnaDunn said...

He he he!! Cracked us up too! Katelin writes funny little notes as well!! I love this age!!!

Sheree said...

LOL!!!! Tassy's note is just too funny!! Love it Yvette!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

Awww Yvette...that Tassy of yours is just too cute!!
Mardi xx

helenkaranfilovski said...

Hehe - too funny!!

Megan said...

Yvette that is just too cute. What a little treasure your Tassy is....she's a classic like her mum!

Megan xx

kathie said...

Isn't she a sweetie! I love the way she writes like she's thinking to herself. Kids are so uncensored, aren't they! It's beatiful.

Shirley Fyfe said...

*grin* - what a priceless letter that is . . . it's such a great age isn't it!

Can I just say I have loved the projects you have done for Kim's class . . . I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some of those projects once I find some 'me' time - *grin*