Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hoppy Easter

That never gets old does it. :)

We are staying in Canberra for Easter. We'll have Sunday lunch with Dave's family. We don't do easter egg gifts anymore with Dave's family, but his mum usually has a bowl full of Darrell Lea easter eggs on the table. They are reaaally nice ones (no - not all easter eggs are created equal). Today the easter bunny (me) bought me one of those big eggs rolled in chopped almonds from Darrell Lea. My mouth has been watering for them every since they appeared in the store on Boxing Day (well, it feels like that anyway). Let me tell you, it's highway robbery what they can charge for 150g of chocolate! TEN BUCKS! Then I searched all over for those 70% cocoa eggs that Dave likes and for SLIGHTLY more chocolate you can say goodbye to FIFTEEN BUCKS! And that's in Woolies of all places! If only I wasn't such a sucker for easter eggs...

And on that note I leave you with a very relevant layout which is current on the KSK portal.I might add that I had a very nice one-day-week at work this week. :) Gotta love public holidays. :) Have a great long weekend!


kathie said...

Yay for the one day week! I had one too :D. Mind you, it's the only public holiday that we Thurs/Fri part-timers get all year. So I'm gonna enjoy mine tomorrow.

Gorgeous colours in the layout - love the pink/green combo.

DH is into quantity not quality, so he's quite easy to please when it comes to Easter eggs, lol.

Megan said...

Isn't it madness??? The price of Easter Eggs and petrol this weekend is enough to send anyone broke! But it is important to have a good appreciation of chocolate, and we all know you have that lol.

Your layout looks gorgeous...Tassy is just the cutest little mite!

Have a great Easter Yvette!
Megan xx

Sheree said...

It's crazy what they charge for Easter eggs these days!! (And don't even get me started on petrol prices!!) Of course it didn't stop me buying them though - gotta have chocolate eggs for Easter!

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Yvette!!! And enjoy the eggs (it's important to savour them when they're expensive!!!). Good news on the one day week too! Moi

Mardi said...

Happy Easter Yvette...without a doubt your favorite holiday on the calendar.. you crazy

Have a wonderful time with family.... Mardi x

helenkaranfilovski said...

Hi Yvette,

100% in agreement with you over the prices - especially Lindt chocolate, my favourite!!! But today I stocked up, as the Lindt bunnies were half price!!Yummo.
LOVE your layout and Happy Easter-a chocoholics favourite time of year!!!!