Monday, February 11, 2008

Just stuff

Here's a little afternoon activities to do with the kiddies. :) I bought these cork hot mats from Woolies and have used them to store all my brads. I think they look unreal! Tassy loved pushing all the brads in with me. Admittedly it did take about two hours, but it was therapeutic and we enjoyed doing it together. And now when I want to find a brad, HELLO they're all staring right back at me! So convenient. I even stuck them to the wall so they're little decorator pieces. :)
Do you know about Earth Hour? The plan is to turn off your lights at 8pm on 29 March to show your support of the need for action on global warming. At their website you can sign up for the newsletter to get tips and tools to find out other ways you can help. I'm a greenie and proud of it! Please do what you can to save our planet - even if it's just the tiniest thing, it all helps!


kathie said...

Those look so cool Yvette! Of course you have a gorgeous collection of brads, which helps :)

Sheree said...

What a cool idea Yvette and they look fantastic!! I'm sure they look great on your wall too!

Sheree xx

Moi said...

I love them. :)
Hey do you have a pic of your nephew to share?!
Great to see you on Sat.

Mardi said...

This is such a cool idea.....I agree with Kathie helps when you have nice brads!!
Mardi xx

Anonymous said...

Yvette this is such a great idea...just look at all your gorgeous brads :)0

have a great week


Jodi said...

Great Idea Yvette. They look unreal and are so practical...
Congrats on the safe arrival of your nephew... I love the name Cooper.


Anonymous said...

Hi there

I'm not sure you know me or if I have ever left a comment on your blog before. I hope it's ok that I pop by now and again and read your news here and look at your photos.

I think the idea of putting your brads onto these cork mats is brilliant. Your brads all look so pretty like this. I got very excited when I saw this and am going to buy some cork mats tomorrow so I can do this too with my 100's of brads.

Thanks for sharing with us. I love learning new and easy ideas.

Have a great week and take care. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Katie said...

Those are so fun to look at!!! I wouldn't want ot use my brads!