Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just sharing

Well my interview the other day wasn't too bad. I breathed a big sigh of relief when it was over, lol. It was super quick (that would be cos I don't talk much, lol) and not too painful - not as bad as I expected. It really helped knowing I had so many people supporting me. Thank you so much!!!

What other stuff have I been up to? Well have you been to KSK lately? There's a different project on the portal every day leading up to Christmas. I had this one on the portal a few days ago. I have another one still to come, using the same range of products. I love these Deck The Halls products by Making Memories - love how they've added this gorgeous blue to the usual Christmas red and green. And I love the chipboard letters and shapes. Our usual schedule is winding up now - we had Tassy's last ballet class today. Parents get to watch on the last day, then there was a little party (aka junk food) afterwards. Tomorrow is the Preschool Christmas concert and party (school doesn't finish till Thursday next week tho). Tassy and I got busy making cupcakes today. I don't usually do cupcakes cos the few times I've made them before they have turned out dry and pretty darn yucky. But today we used a choc cake recipe and they're soft and moist. Yum! We iced them with chocolate icing and decorated them with Christmas sprinkles so they're a little festive. :) On Saturday we get to watch Tassy's last Jazz class, followed by another little party. Then, oh my tummy just did a somersault as I'm about to type this, Sunday we spend with Lea, Bella and Ollie while Grant and the removalists pack their house up, then that afternoon they leave for Wagga. For good. I know there will be lots and lots of tears. And I'm just talking about me! They are such precious friends to us. :(


Debster said...

Hi Y
Good to hear you felt okay about your interview - now you'll have to be patient waiting for the result!
I love making cupcakes - next week I have to make quite a few for Richard (he likes to take goodies in for his Teams as a Xmas gesture)so I'll be busy! Yours sound yummy!
Take care

Kim Archer said...

So glad the interview went well for you:)))) Always love seeign your layotus too!!

Megan said...

Hey Yvette,

This is such a beautiful layout - I love that photo!

Hey you must be feeling a bit down today :-( I hope Lea and her family got away okay....you'll just have to go for visits!

Megan xx