Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Christmas layout

My other Christmas layout appeared on KSK recently. These are 30yo pics (that must be a typo!) from Christmas at my Grandparents'. I still remember my uncle Roger dressed up as Santa, and I knew at the time that it was him. I tried something new (new for me, anyway) for my background. I mixed white paint with gel medium and sprinkled silver glitter over the top.Did anyone else watch Jane Eyre on the ABC a few weeks ago and like me, fall totally in love with Toby Stephens who played Mr Rochester? What a man.... I can't stop thinking about him! lol


Kristine said...

Hell yes! I watched that program as well - well I missed a large portion but found it on whilst channel surfing. He is brilliant and it was the first time I had watched Jane Eyre - loved it!

Moi said...

That background is very effective!!! Very good.
Yes I have watched some of Jane Eyre - missed the first hour though so I really want to go back and watch it. Agree about Rochester!!! What is it with those fellows in period dramas?!

Megan said...

Oh there is no way those photos could be 30 years old Yvette way at all!!!

Cool layouts Missy - I'm your #1 fan!!

Megan xx