Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas to all

... and to all a goodnight. Well, it's almost bedtime for me. But first I wanted to share some pics of my Christmas decorations. Firstly my tree, which reminds me I have to take a photo at nightime soon. I love this big tree. We bought it for our first Christmas in this house, three years ago. I always wanted a nice big tree. All the "good" ornaments are at the top, with the kid friendly ones at the bottom. Including lots that Tassy has made. She keeps rearranging the ornaments too. This year I wrapped my presents in hot pink, bright blue and silver. Inspired by the cover of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas issue. I love those colours!Here's my little button tree. I wanted to use up all of my Foofala Bag-o-Buttons, and YAY they're ALMOST all gone now.
Tassy and I decorated this Gingerbread house on Monday. Love the bright red and green we've gone with this year. I didn't do a great job on the royal icing, so I think that if you look at it the wrong way the m&ms will all fall off!
These are my newish floating shelves from Ikea. I got them in April so this is the first Christmas where I've actually had somewhere to put my Christmas stuff! Yep, a bad photo I know. It's in a darker corner of the room, right next to the TV and fishtank - not the loveliest setting! That big santa cross stitch I did in 1995. I used to do lots of cross stiches but now they aren't to my taste at all. Apart from at Christmas, so he's been brought out of hiding. I have a bunch of other big framed cross stitches hidden away in cupboards. Not sure what I'm ever going to do with them!This is the first year I've had all three christmas stocking out. I had Tassy's finished for her first Christmas, 5 years ago. And Dave's and mine were only finished a week ago. The cross stitching took months and months to do. I stitched while watching TV. I never just sit and watch TV without doing something else! Now, Santa has lots of things to fill Tassy's stocking with, but I think Dave's and mine will be totally empty. Have to hide that fact from Tassy somehow, lol.Before I go I wanted to let you know that Karen's Scrappin Kupboard now has it's own blog, with step-by-step instructions for creating scrapbooking projects. The blog will be updated regularly with new projects. Go and check it out! As I write this, the current project is a gorgeous mini-album created by Kim Arnold using the scrumptious MM Noteworthy line.



Anonymous said...

Hi Yvette :0)

WOWEEEEEe all your chrissy decorations look lovely and that gingerbread house is adorable!!!



Kim Archer said...

Hi Yvette
Your Christmas things look GREAT!!! I love the stockings and your tree is gorgeous!!

Mardi said...

Hi Y....its so lovely sneaking a peak at all your gorgeous Christmas decorations...I wish your beautiful family a wonderful Christmas....and a happy..healthy and prosperous New Year...
Mardi x

Megan said...

Hey Yvette,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Your tree and stockings look so cool - no way could I do all the stitching etc that you have. You're a legend!

love me xx

Moi said...

Loved seeing this! :)
Can you incorporate some of your cross stitches into LOs somehow?!