Saturday, December 29, 2007


We had a great Christmas in Wollongong with my family. Felicity had to work Christmas Day (she's a NICU nurse) so she and Matt didn't get there till dinnertime. And Alicia and David had to leave after lunch, so they ended up missing each other, but at least I got to see them all. But we had a great day! We always have a baked dinner, which was beautiful. We all got spoilt with our presents. Tassy's funny. She is very skeptical about Santa. I hate lying to her when she says "is Santa really real" so I try to come up with ways of answering the question without actually lying! It's very tricky. We did the secret santa thing with Dave's family a few days earlier so that just confused her even more. When we were opening presents on Christmas Day we'd say "here's one from santa" and she'd say "ok, is this a secret santa or other santa?"

OK - some little details of Christmas with my family...
bonbons and party hats
early morning church
oodles of presents from mum and dad in santa bags
mum's little messages on her tags, like "i know you will have fun with these"
baked dinner
board games with my family (this year it was brand new Rummykub and old-as-the-hills Buccaneers)
presents overflowing from under the christmas tree
egg nog
mum's handmade christmas decorations
actually christmas decorations EVERYWHERE!
mum's favourite Christmas cd that starts with "driving home for christmas"


Megan said...

Don't even think for a minute that I will ever believe you have any sort of flab anywhere on your body - look at you!! You look amazing Yvette!!

I love your Christmas photos, and am so pleased Tassy had such a great time.

Megan xx

Kim Archer said...

Loved seeing you photos and reading about your Christmas Yvette and I LOVE your mums idea of adding a little comment to each lovely!

Mardi said...

Ohh Wow...this looks like the perfect Cjristmas...I had so much fun reading how your day went.
LOL at poor Tassy.... life is just so tricky to understand at times hey.
Mardi x

Moi said...

Looks fabulous! And oh I love those little chocolate reindeer!