Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just for a laugh

I was watching Thank God You're Here tonight (I LOVE that show) and Peter Rowsthorn was one of the guests. I had this sudden urge to share these photos. We were passing thru Byron Bay in 1990 and walked past Peter Rowsthorn on the street. We stopped dead in our tracks then turned around and followed him for a few minutes till we got up the courage to go and talk to him. We loved him in The Comedy Company! lolThat's me on the left, my friend Nicky, and my sister Alicia on the right.


Kim Archer said...

and now I'll have to dig out that Cameron Daddo photo!!!


Mardi said... cool is that!!
Sadly I dont think I have a claim to fame... Mardi

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!! I love it!!! Do you watch him on the ABC on Friday nights, on 'Can we help?'!

Megan said...

Oh I LOVE Peter Yvette!!! What a classic that you got to meet him....after stalking him down the street first LOL!

How are you anyway?? I've been dividing my time by hiding under a rock this week and racing around the's too busy here and it's not even Christmas yet!!!!!!!

Megan xx