Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another holiday update.

I've been really wanting put some photos from our holiday on my blog, but the truth is, I'm really disappointed with them! I know 500 is a lot of photos - but there are plenty of duds. I really wish I had lots of group shots. There were 35 of us on the holiday and Felicity is combining all the photos onto a DVD - something like 15 camera's worth of photos! Awesome. I can't wait to get them all in my hot little hands.

But I will show you these cool photos. :) It was a family tradition that we would do the cousin line-up. This first photo was taken in about 1987 and we're standing in age order. :) This is just my family and one other family - our very close cousins, the Chipperfields. There's four children in each family and we're all pretty much the same ages. And we did it again last week. I love comparing the two photos. So funny... Oh there are two extra cousins on the end there, from another family. And here's another one with partners and offspring. Everyone was pretty patient waiting for all the photos to be taken. So many cameras and not many photographers since most of us were already in the photo. Dave is still on holidays for another week and a half - he has a month off altogether. We are enjoying sleeping in till about 8am each day. Although on Preschool days it means it's a bit of a rush but I'm not willing to give up my sleep in! lol. When Dave goes back to work we'll be back to early mornings so I'm taking advantage while I can! Tassy had her Preschool photos taken this week. She's going thru that phase of doing the funny fake smile, so I'm interested to see how her photos turns out.

And I just want to end this with I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!!! :D


Moira said...

Love seeing these photos! Great idea with the cousin line-up. The photos look good. There's always photoshop filters! LOL I love daylight savings too. x

Megan said...

Yvette I love daylight savings too!!!

Who is that man in the middle lifting up his shirt and showing us his tummy lmao??!!! What a crack up!!!

Megan xx