Monday, October 15, 2007

Stuff to share

Last week I got out my bag of fabrics to make into jarmies for Tassy. She found some fluffy brown fabric and set to work. You can read the journalling if you click on the layout. :) We love Grizzly!
And I'll share a recent layout I did for Kim Archer's workshops@home. We used a manilla folder with a mega sized photo on the front and oodles of photos on the inside. The theme was "here comes" and I chose "Darlington Park" cos Tassy and I are so looking forward to going on holidays with our extended family soon! All the photos inside are from family holidays at Darlington Park in the eighties.
I just had to share this website. This US family have 17 kids. Check out their house. It's like a hotel... the living area... the kitchen serving area.... the games room... the laundry... the clothes closet. And they are their own orchestra!

And since we're checking out stuff on the net, have a look at this clip on Youtube. This guy is pretty darn clever! The action doesn't start until the singing starts, which is about a minute into it. We have this Daft Punk cd so maybe I should start practicing!


Mardi said...

Hi Yvette... you have been busy!!...lots of wonderful layouts...and some awesome photos from your trip to Floriade.
I also was very excited to see the photo of you and Kim...I bet that would have been wonderful....sniffle sniffle...wish I lived closer...
Mardi x

Megan said...

Hello Yvette,

Not long until Darlington Park now! I think I'm going to tag along sounds like a nice break!

Beautiful layouts too. What a clever idea with the manilla folder too.

I saw those people with the 17 kids lol...and they don't even look a little bit tired!

Have a great day,
Megan xx

Petrina McDonald said...

OMG! We used to go to Darlington Park in the 80s too!!!