Sunday, August 19, 2007


A recent class at Kim Archer's Workshops@home website included some paper weaving. I'd never done this before but it was super easy and looks great! Here is my sample for the class. Don't you love this photo of Tassy?! I love the colour of her eyes and lips. Tassy was fascinated by the paper weaving. Actually she LOVED it, so of course she wanted to do a paper weaving layout herself. Well, she did a fantastic job! I was super impressed - she didn't even make one mistake. Here is her layout. Kim was impressed too and even used it as a sample in the class as well, lol.This next one is from another of Kim's classes. This layout has seven pockets and each one contains some of Tassy's artwork. I love this layout cos I had been wondering what I was going to do with some of these tiny artworks. I have an A4 folder that I keep some special artworks in, but these sweet little things would have been lost in there. So this layout is perfect! I watched Bridge to Terabithia last weekend with my parents. We really enjoyed it. Unfortunately someone had told me the ending (eg "Bruce Willis is a ghost and only the kid can see him" - but that's another story!). I'd never heard of the book before but apparently it's a modern classic. Where have I been? Living in a bubble apparently. What's that? Harry Potter is based on a book too? ;)


Jolene Pienaar said...

wow, those are cool, love the photo of Tassy and just adore all those gorgeous pockets!

Megan said...

Yvette! These look fabulous. Your photographs are sensational...and the paper weaving looks really effective.

Love what you do baby!

Megan xx

Jolene Pienaar said...

Hiya Yvette, the diamond glitters I think it is called diamond dazzles maybe?? Comes in a little tub, it is glitter but really really fine ones, I love it!! :)

Julie LOVE said...

Hey Yvette...totally yummy scrummy layouts as usual...and WOOHOOO on you becoming an Aunty for the first time!!!

I so love your really had the "knack"

have a great week


madonna said...

Love the layouts. Love the weaving. Thanks for some more inspiration!! Hope you're all well! Congrats on the pregnancy news!! Nothing nicer than a new baby!!

Felicity said...

LOL... You're so funny!!
Love the layouts!!

Lorie said...

The layouts are so fun! And the paper weaving is cute!!

I am going to check out the website you linked with the classes now!!