Friday, August 24, 2007

More news

So like I said last week, my sister Felicity is pregnant and will be finally making Tassy a cousin in February. Well it turns out Dave's sister Bubby will ALSO be making Tassy a cousin a few weeks later! So Tassy has been waiting 5½ years to finally become a cousin TWICE within a few weeks! What are the odds. How cool. :) So exciting.

My sister Charlotte was here last weekend to do a Stampin Up! party for me. She has recently become a demonstrator. I'm an almost-virgin hostess. I've only ever hosted a party once before and that was when my sister Alicia was a nutrimetics consultant. But it was lots of fun! Thanks to Lea, Moira, Tracey, Steph and Pam for coming. :) Tassy had been counting down the sleeps to the party, she was SO excited. I got busy cooking fudge, lamingtons, zucchini (slice) muffins and scones. I love an excuse to make yummy snacks. :) Charlotte did a fantastic job and the girls who had been to Stampin Up! parties before said it was SO much better than the other parties (and I agree)! And Charlotte spent most of the next day with us scrapbooking, while I madly used as many of her products as I could before she headed back to Sydney. Our supplies arrived today so I'm keen to have a play!

For want of something to share, lol, this is a mini mini layout I did for Mardi's birthday, with a bunch of other girls each doing the same. Don't be offended that I hid my phone number and address. It's not because of you - it's those other crazies out there!


Lea said...

just had a peek at my stampin up products. can't wait to try them. i am a bit afraid to cut the rubber you know me. thanks for the little bag of goodies. the journal stamp is just what i need for the inside cover of kims fathers day mini book:)

heyhoewarren said...

Oooh, love stampin' up products - good luck to Charlotte - I'm sure she'll do fantastically. I was scared of cutting the stamps out too, but let me say the stampin' up scissors are a must! My hands were killing me after finishing my first set of stamps, but their scissors made the job so much easier. Congrats on becoming an Aunty x 2!

Mardi said...

I just love love my little mini album layout Yvette...its so lovely to have a little piece of you in my home....
...and how I wish I could have come to your party... yummy food...and Stampin up products are so good!!
Mardi x

Megan said...

Well there's lots of breeding going on in your family, isn't there?! Congrats to all the pregnant folk and I hope both pregnancies go smoothly.

Your little card for Mardi is gorgeous Yvette - just so very beautiful.

Have a great weekend!
Megan xx

Lea said...

i just looked thru your slideshow for a bit if inspiration:) and i think there are a few lo's i havent seen before. how could that be? beautiful work. i'm so glad you have your albums now too. wish i was as organised.