Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kim Archer @home samples

Have you checked out Kim Archer's @home website yet? The classes are fantastic. And the class turnover is impressive with new classes being added frequently! I am SO loving being on Kim's design team. If you get Kim's newsletter you would have heard that she is looking for a Guest Designer for September. "Miss September", lol. I love the name. Give it a go! There are more details here on Kim's blog. Here are two of my recent samples for the Triple Treat class held recently. I just LOVE the first layout of Tassy (I feel like it's OK to say that cos it's not my own design, lol!). The second layout is about me wanted to be an architect when I grew up. I could have written lots more and I think I might just add some more journalling sometime.What else have we been up to? Well I'm really enjoying Tassy being back at preschool so that she's not so stir crazy when she's home! She had actually been waking several time a night for over a week. All for different reasons, and we were so tired of it! But thankfully she has been sleeping thru again for the past few days. Which is great cos we haven't caught up on lost sleep yet! We have been going to lots of birthday parties recently for her preschool friends. We've been catching up with Lea, Bella and Ollie. Lea came over on Wednesday night to do some scrapbooking. Lol, she didn't do any scrapbooking but we had a great catch up. It's much easier to chat when there are no little ones around! I've been enjoying watching Grand Designs on the ABC (6pm Thursday nights). Each week they follow the progress of an interesting house being built. I love the houses - they are always really unique. I'm always disappointed tho if they finish the show before the house is complete. I want to see the final product. Hopefully they will go back and revisit them sometime. See - I still love architecture and design. :)


Megan said...

Happy Friday Yvette!

These are gorgeous! Aren't you and Tassy similar as youngsters?!

Good to hears she has settled back down at night too. Nights of little sleep are awful :-(

Megan xx

rachie said...

Yvette we watch the show every week without fail!
We sit there saying, Oh no they arent going to finish, like you we are disappointed if we dont get to see it completed because it is the finishing touches people use that make it so interesting .... ho hum, one day we will build.

Glad your little house has settled down, having to get up during the night always makes the days seem so long and so difficult.

Beautiful artwork Yvette!

Lis said...

Love the layouts, you could say it even if it was your design :)

Mardi said...

Well Yvette...I absolutley LOVED your layout too....actually I LOVE all your layouts..
..and I also love Grand Designs....I watch it on Austar at work...its my absolute favourite show...I am blown away by the amount of money some people spend to achieve their designs....amazing!
Mardi x

Cass said...

V-cool LO's Yvette, and isn't Tassy like you!!!!

Ronin is still going through phases of no sleepling frustrating
sleep well my friend

keep smilin'