Thursday, June 28, 2007


I love coincidences... My grandmother had two sons, then a daughter, Vicki. Vicki had two sons, then a daughter, Katie. Katie had two sons, and this week had a daughter, Pheobe. Isn't that cool! I wonder how many more generations this will go on for!

In other news... Tassy did this gorgeous layout in about 5 minutes! She used a dyed paper towel I had left over from Kiwiscraps. The little hearts are actually wings on her and Bella. I love this!Here's my @home sample for Kim Archer's online workshop held recently. This was such a cool idea for a layout - I love it! I love all the close up photos of bits and pieces of our home. The three flaps lift to reveal.....
the three of us! Including lots of photos of Tassy doing her normal stuff around the house.
Have you checked out Club Heidi? I'm so excited. I love Heidi products and love her style. Have a great night! ...or day, depending on when you read this! :)


Megan said...

Can Tassy come and teach me how to do a layout in 5 minutes please Yvette? Actually, doing one in anything under 2 hours would be appreciated lol. Her page is fantastic!

Great layout from the Kim class too!

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

love your ka page. i am wondering when i knew lot of classes will commence. i would like to try one for fun. i love tassys wings too. the hearts look so cut. i am yet to use my bat wings..

Miriam said...

Hi Yvette,

Your little Tassy is one talented girl just like her mum no doubt :D

Your class layout is lovely too.

Thank you also for sharing the Heidi Swapp link I've been waiting for the kits to become available.

Take care,

Jolene Pienaar said...

Love that LO for the Kim Archer classes! And what a gorgeous little LO that Tassy created!!

Lis said...

How gorgeous is Tassy's layout, she has talent like her mum!!
Love yoru pages from Kims class!!

Mardi said...

Tassy is super duper clever ..and cute as well!!! I adore her layout...and I love coincidences too...I wonder what will happen for Phoebe in the her destinatin somehow divinly planned aready??
Mardi xx