Monday, June 25, 2007

100, plus a layout

My parents went to mum's Aunty Alma's 100th birthday party on Saturday. Alma died the next day. Isn't it amazing how people can hang on for a special event or date. The "will to live" has such power!

I finally got my act together and can finally share the layout I almost completed at the crop over a week ago. Yeah - I didn't get much done at that crop! The layout didn't photograph very well. I think it looks better IRL. I adore this photo of Tasmyn... What have I been up to lately? Well I've been to two 5yo birthday parties with Tassy. Spent a lot of time at home. Done a little scrappin. Had some lovely "virtual morning teas" with Mardi and Megan. That's been lots of fun. :) And Dave, Tassy and I are finally over our colds. All in all it's pretty quiet around here. I think it's that time of year!

Thanks for visiting, and please let me know you stopped by! I love to read your comments. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm nice new blog Yvette!

This layout is fantastic, look forward to seeing it in real life!

Lovely that you got to have 'morning tea' with Megan and Mardi - whose turn was it to bake the cake?

Have a great day tomorrow :)

P.S 2nd thoughts on kiwiscraps?

Jolene Pienaar said...

wow wow! Love that LO, just perfect!

Mardi said...

Well... I have to start with...I think its my turn to bake the cake!!... we've fudge puddings... choccie chocolates..with marshmallows...just the best virtual morning teas possible!!
Love your layout Yvette...that really is the most gorgeous photo...!!
Glad you are all over your colds...
Mardi x

Raechel Gribbin said...

I love your Tasmyn layout especially the clock it looks amazing... we are on 2 weeks holidays here in the normally sunny QLD but it hasn't stopped raining for the past week so am house bound with the 3 kids, a good time to scrap & do some yummy cooking (the problem with that is that I only eat it all - not so good LOL).

I am glad to hear that your hubby and Tasmyn have recoved from there colds one reason why I don't like winter! It was freezing here last week it didn't get abouve 11 all day the coldest day recorded in like 30 years! It is so good to have reverse cycle indoor heating.

Take Care,
Raechel :o)

Megan said...

Oh Yvette, my grandfather was the same...he had his 86th birthday last year and passed away the next day. Good on Aunty Alma for reaching the century mark!

I have been loving our morning teas! I have a great recipe for lemon meringue pie so I'll do that after Mardi bakes her cake.

And your is just gorgeous.

Have a great day!
Megan xx

Cass said...

Oh gorgeous LO Yvette, and how wonderful that your dear Aunt got to see her 100th birthday...what a milestone. I am sure your family will mourn her lose, but are proud of her all the same

Cass xxxx

dig your banner too BTW...very cool

Anonymous said...

thank you sooo much for a great evening. thanks for your help, patience and friendship:)
alot of chatting on my behalf.(just for something different)and not alot of scrapping. well actually hardly any scrapping. i think i cut one piece of pp. snip. thats it! one snip with my paper trimmer.i did stay up to 2 oclock on the comp and youll be pleased to know i followed your instructions and downloaded a set of brushes.yay me!