Thursday, May 17, 2007

Movie Reviews

Firstly - sorry if you weren't able to post comments on my last post. I realised after a few days that there was a problem. Not sure how that happened!

I watched four movies on my bus trip to Kiwiscraps. I chose movies that I didn't think Dave would be interested in. Time for some reviews, in the same order in which I watched them. Cos that's how my brain works!

I knew this movie had songs in it, but I didn't realise it was actually a "Musical". It took me by surprise the first time someone burst into song! I enjoyed the movie. Loved the music. And Jennifer Hudson was awesome. She outshone Beyonce!

Notes on a Scandal
Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett were both fantastic. Judi Dench was quite scarey as a disturbed lonely old spinster who sets her sights on making Cate Blanchett her new best friend. She then finds out Cate's character's secret and uses this information to get even closer to her friend. It was a good movie which great characters, but I was disappointed in the ending. I wanted closure.

Last Train to Freo
This Aussie movie was set on a train to Fremantle in real-time, late at night. There were two thugs, a pretty girl, a middle aged woman who was just leaving her husband, and a man who kept to himself. Mah... it was OK. The twist was interesting but far fetched.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The title makes it sound like some Avon consultant gone postal. It's actually set in France in the1700s, and about a man born with a superior sense of smell. He wants to bottle and keep every scent he smells. A parfumeur (Dustin Hoffman) gives him the skills. But he wont stop at flowers and spices, he wants to keep EVERY smell, including a woman's smell. So he murders women to keep their smell. Weird movie. It started out OK, but got weirder and weirder, with a very weird ending. Hmmmmm..... weird movie.

So - anyone else seen any of these movies? What did you think?

Oh - and I have layouts to share soon. :) bye!


Anonymous said...

thanks for a late and fun night of scrapping. i changed the journalling on my layout to handwriting and i am much happier and i found the zig pen at scrap n stuff.yay!lea

Kim Archer said...

well you were a busy bee watching all those movies! Oh I LOVED DREAMGIRLS!! Loved it. have got the CD now and the DVD. I didn't think I would like it as I knew there was lots of singing but I was hooked from the very first number...Capri knows all the songs and fast forwards the acting to only watch the songs in the movie!!!! Haven't seen any of the other movies..KIMx

Moira said...

Bugger, I commented and lost it.
The only move I've seen is Notes on a Scandal - disturbing. I like to imagine my own ending beyond the movie if the film doesn't give me closure! LOL Hope to talk to you soon. x

felicity said...

I havent seen any of those. I did see "Because I said so" the other day with Sarah. Its a girly movie with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton. I really liked it! Mandy Moore is beautiful! It was far more sexual that i expected so not really suited for the 7yo girl sitting in my row. I laughed ALOT!!