Saturday, May 19, 2007


All I wanted for my birthday last month was for the three of us to go ice skating together. I had only been about three times before. The last time was about twelve years ago. Dave was similar. So we were pretty rusty (not that we were ever very good!). In the beginning Dave held on to Tasmyn with one hand, while holding the side of the rink with the other hand. I couldn't even hold her other hand cos I had to hold on to the side. But we got much better and in the end the three of us were skating around all holding hands, without holding on to the side. Tassy and I are even "dancing" in the top right photo. We were holding hands and going in a circle. It was SO much fun. We all had a ball. Photos are pretty ordinary tho! Lea came over to scrap the other night. She was here for six hours and all I got completed was this layout, and I had started on another one. But we did lots of talking and had a great night. :)
This is my last DT layout for Memory Bugs. That's my dad on the left. I emailed him the photo and asked if he could tell me anything about it. I loved what he emailed back. I shot him another email asking if I could use his journalling word for word, including what he said about how high his shorts are (you should be able to read it if you click on the layout). He finally replied to say "sure". I said "great cos I already did"! I wanted to scrap it straight away!I'm off to a crop with Lea tomorrow - a fundraiser at a nearby school. Looking forward to it! It's only my third ever crop, and if the first two were anything to go by I wont get much done, but I'll have a great day! Have a great weekend. :)


Moira said...

Great LOs!!! And don't worry about the ordinary photos in your skate LO - you've made them look great.
If this is only your third crop - it means it's the first one I HAVEN'T been at at the same time as you! Have a good time!

Kim Archer said...

Hi there:)
Both your layouts are great yvette!!! I think the iceskating photos are perfect! They really capture the obivous fun of the day!! And how COOL is it that your dad sent you his thoughts on that photo and you could use it for your journaling!!!!

Felicity said...

I love the stitching on the Sunday Best LO and Dad's journalling. I remember the story about the possum tail through the ceiling!!
We'd love to go ice skating with you... Matt especially. He loves it and he's SO good at skating backwards and jumping (from his inline(rollerblade) hockey days). He shows off while i try not to fall over!!! :-)

Alice said...

wow looks fantastic Yvette! Love the one of your dad. The flower whisp looks beautiful!

Megan said...

Hello Yvette,

Both of your layouts are great - I especially love the one with your Dad's journaling...lucky he said yes, hey lol?!

Have a great week :-)
Megan xx