Friday, April 27, 2007


I went to Lea's the other night for some scrapping. Lea makes me laugh... She's such a chatterbox but can't scrap and talk at the same time so she got about half a layout done all night. I got two done (admittedly one was quick and the other was already started). So here are mine...

This is the one I'd already started. I did the poppets beforehand. They took forever because Tassy wanted to do some too. She actually did FIVE. Very time consuming. Tassy loved my idea for a Princess Rules page so she decided she had to do a Fairy Rules page. Here are two of her poppets - Fairy Tasmyn flying, and Fairy Bella standing. Last week Tassy and Bella went to "The Enchanted Room" (leave your kids there and they do dress ups, stories, games, painting plaster shapes etc). That's where she got the rules from. Don't you love her extensive use of the Disney Princess tape?I'm off to Sydney on the bus tonight. I'm very excited! I'll be seeing all my sisters and I'm doing two classes at Kiwiscraps with Charlotte and Felicity (two of my sisters). Charlotte's taking me to Ikea and the Pumpkin Patch factory outlet which I'm excited about. I'm even looking forward to the bus trip cos I'm taking the portable DVD player and I have 4 new movies to watch! Hopefully the time will wizz by.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Megan said...

Your layouts look fabulous Yvette - love the poppet one!

And have fun in Sydney!!! Wish I was coming too!

Megan xx

Mardi said...

Boy Yvette...your poppets look awesome!! did you get them such a beautiful shape?
I love Tassys too...she is so clever!!
enjoy your trip to Sydney...I have visions of you snuggled up in the bus...watching dvds....munching on chocolate...
Mardi x

Moira said...

Great LOs and tell Tassy I think hers is great! I tried to comment here the other day but couldn't. Hope Kiwiscraps went well! x