Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend away

I went to Sydney on the bus for the weekend. It was great. The whole weekend just FLEW by. I saw all my sisters, met Charlotte's brand new boyfriend who was so lovely, and did two classes at Kiwiscraps. Just quickly, here are the layouts.

Charlotte and I did our first class with Emily Falconbridge and it was very arty and very different to my normal style. But that's why I chose this class. To learn something new and exciting. I love this layout. We dyed paper towels, spray painted, painted our own titles, sewed, sequined and Kindy Glitzed. So much fun. And it's 9x9. I have no idea how I'll file it but I love it in that size.
Felicity joined us for Tia Bennett's class, where we felted these little birdies. I had never HEARD of felting before! But it was pretty cool. Such cute little birdies. ALL we got done in the class was the birds. We had to finish the rest later. The classes were way too short to get a layout completed, but at least we got to do the fun and new stuff. (and yes, I have spelt wise incorrectly! Have to fix that somehow - I can't stand spelling mistakes!) I did my first ever Pilates class on the weekend with Alicia. Oh my pecks are SO sore from push ups! I have NO upper body strength at the best of times. Today it hurts just to lift a 3 litre bottle of juice! Charlotte took me to Ikea and got some floating shelves that I have been wanting for YEARS! We have nowhere to display things in our house. When Christmas rolls around I have all my non-tree things crammed on our low entertainment unit. So I'll be super thrilled when they are on the walls. Got a few other things too including a light fitting for Tasmyn's room. We have been in this house for nearly three years and this is the first light fitting we've bought! I went to DFO but was disappointed with the Pumpkin Patch factory outlet. I was hoping for some great bargains, but the prices were just like the instore sales. Still, I bought a couple of things :) . My bed awaits... have a great night!


Kim Archer said...

oh I am SO disapointed we didn't see each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your layotus have turned out beautifully. I just SO wish we had have realised we were BOTH there in the ONE place so we could have met! Next time??

Lis said...

Your layouts are beautiful, love the little birdy :)

Raechel Gribbin said...

Sounds like you had so much fun, I so want to be able to get to Kiwiscraps one day (I can keep dreaming LOL). I love the little birdie she looks so cute and looks perfect on the layout with you.

Raechel :o)

Felicity said...

I'm not surprised you've finished your page already. It looks great! Hopefully i'll finish mine by the weekend. It was so wonderful to have you here!! I miss you being so far away!

Megan said...

Yvette I am so pleased you had a great time. The layouts I've seen from Emily's class are all fantastic - looks like so much fun to create! I bet catching up with your sisters was the big highlight though. An all round great weekend!

Mardi said... sounds as though you had a fabulous time... in fact it doesnt really get better does it....scrapbooking, friends, family and shopping! Yay on your new shelves... I know how much things like that make such a difference .... and the felting looks fabulous!!...that is definatly a cute little birdie.

Rachie said...

Light fittings are always the last thing on the list arent they?!

Glad to hear you had a wonderful time at Kiwiscraps and the bus is just the best way to go :)
I have to admit after the first time I did pilates I was so surprised because it seemed like an easy hour long class but the next day - ouch!

Miriam Kaye said...

Gorgeous LOs Yvette, so love the felt bird - how creative ;)

Moira said...

The LOs look great! Love the Emily one - really different to your style but it works so well.
P.S. I am so sorry I haven't looked at your blog for nearly a week!!! I can't believe how quickly that went.

Linda Loe said...

Love the bird realy cute