Wednesday, April 11, 2007

movie reviews

I watched a couple of movies with Mum and Dad when they were here recently. Time for some reviews...

The Holiday
Mum and Dad had actually seen this before but were happy to watch it again. I LOVED it. Such a sweet feelgood movie. And I loved Cameron Diaz's voiceover guy. I loved the houses, Cameron Diaz's gorgeous clothes, love how natural Kate Winslet is...
The Queen
I know Helen Mirren won an Oscar for her role, but I wasn't that keen on her! She didn't convince me that she was the Queen. The guy who played Tony Blair was excellent tho. I was totally convinced. The film certainly didn't paint the Royals in a good light. The Queen and Prince Phillip were so cold. Charles was much more compassionate (but very wimpy!).

The Sentinel
At the time I thought this movie was OK. But maybe I was just a little starstruck by the big names (Michael Douglas, Kim Bassinger, Keifer Sutherland & Eva Longoria). And the acting was good. But thinking back, the plot was pretty lame.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
I watched this yesterday. I loved the look of the film. It's set in the 1930s and the whole thing was shot against a blue screen with all the backgrounds added digitally. It's mostly pretty dark and colourless. It looks cool. But the plot was average. Gwynneth Paltrow really suits that era. I love Angelina Jolie with an English accent.

I did some projects for Scrapbooking Memories using the free paper and alphabet, which are in the current issue of the magazine. I've gotta say I was PLEASANTLY surprised when the paper arrived! Very relieved actually! I liked it. Mum got a little choked up when she read the journalling. So like her... :)


Moira said...

Love your reviews! As you know I had the pleasure of seeing your LO and accent IRL - gorgeous! And I must say I was also pleasantly surprised with the paper! I see that it was designed by CherryArte though! x

Manon Keir said...

I love both of those LO's, they are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Felicity said...

Thanks for the reviews... I never know what to watch! I love both your LO. I got choked up too reading your journalling of Mum. I'm just as bad as her!! I love your tied bits of ribbons. Is the heart outline on "new mum" a rub-on? Look forward to seeing you soon!! :-)

Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh, i nearly got choked up too! I am so not turning into Mum :) Lol.
Just love the layout, i can't imagine my life with a little baby, Mum's life was just so different to ours. But it totally was the right path for her.. xo