Friday, March 02, 2007

A trip to the hairdressers

This was the first time I'd been to the hairdressers in....... two years! What a shocker. I have had trims in the meantime by my mum, my sister and my friend. But it had still been a while since my last trim. I decided to do something different and I got a side fringe cut and the rest it about 10cm shorter. The fringe isn't "sidey" enough for my liking. I wanted it to sweep to the side. Anyway, hopefully when it grows a bit it will "sweep" :) I didn't tell Dave or Tassy I was getting it cut. When I picked up Tassy from Preschool she rubbed my fringe and said "your hair looks funny". She has told me several times since then that my hair looks funny. And Dave doesn't like it. Oh well - I wanted a change! And it's not even drastic! I wonder what their reaction would have been if I had it all cut off! I'm supposed to blowdry my fringe (and I guess the rest of my hair!). I never blowdry - I am shocking at it. But I will have to try harder now! We're off to a birthday party tomorrow for one of Tassy's new Preschool friends. So I won't know anyone there. I'm not very good in those situations! Then on Sunday we're going to Government House for the open day. We went last year and enjoyed it. We didn't even get to go inside the house cos there was a 2 hour wait! We just had a picnic lunch overlooking the lake , wandered thru the gardens and listened to the band. Hopefully the morning will be fine. We have had SO many storms lately. It has rained practically every afternoon for the past few weeks. I love storms. We used to get so many when I was growing up in Grafton. Sometimes we'd sit on the front veranda and night and watch the storms.

Have a great weekend!


Rachie said...

The fringe looks sensational!
Have a great weekend.

paulines said...

The hair looks great.

You will be fine at the party just show them that gorgeous smile and they will be putty in your hand. The storms have been awesome. I love them as well.

Have a great time and weekend.

Mardi said... are stunning!!..and so is your new haircut and side fringe.
...and if you dont want that 10cm of hair you had cut off today...could I have it?..LOL...if only it was that easy! ...unfortunatly my hair grows very slowly.... a bit like my legs...they are both short.
Have a wonderful weekend...
Mardi x

Megan said...

Oh look so beautiful! And younger!! Yes, I think you should definitely stick with the new do :-)

Megan xx

Kim Archer said...

Wowee Yvette
Your hair looks sensational. I love it. I love the sweepy fringe bit and the length. You look great!

kayla renee macaulay said...

yvette your new hair style is great don't listen to them!!
you're looking awesome. :-)

Jolene Pienaar said...

ah I think it looks gorgeous! And it is nice to make a change sometimes too!

Felicity said...

You know i love your hair, and those storms... I cant get enough of them either!! Matt and i did stand on our friends verandah and watch a huge thunder and lightning show last week. It was awesome... reminded me of home!!