Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Layouts to share

You may remember seeing photos of Tasmyn feeding the giraffe on my blog in January. Finally I scrapped them. I had a lot of trouble photographing this layout. It looks better IRL. YAY for me, using up old PP and letter stickers :) I put Tassy in the pram today and walked to Preschool. I walked really fast and did the 1km walk in 20 mins which I thought was pretty good. Then I did the walk home without the pram in 16 mins. Then same again when it was time to pick her up. I don't do any exercise so I know it was good for me! I'm hoping to do it more when the weather is cool. As soon as we walked in the door after Preschool Lea, Bella and Ollie dropped in. We haven't seen them for a few weeks cos we've all been sick so they came in for a lovely catch-up. Tassy and Bella are so close, like sisters, and they often have little spats when they play together. But today they were absolutely perfect. Even when it was time to say goodbye, which is usually when things turn bad! So nice to see them again.

Oh I wanted to share this little creation by Tassy. I bought Scrapbook Creations this week which came with a free DVD by Helen Williams. Tassy was SO interested in the DVD and kept saying "Isn't she a clever lady!". Then Helen demonstrated how to make a concertina minibook. Tassy thought that was absolutely wonderful! She said "Can we pause the DVD and make one right now?" So here is her lovely work, with a little help from Mummy, but most of it was done by Tassy!


Raechel Gribbin said...

I love your giraffe layout it looks fabulous and WOW on the concentina album your little girl has made she has lots of talent which I'm sure she has picked up from Mummy, well done Tasymn.

Raechel :o)

Felicity said...

Wow!! Tassy is soooooooo talented! She must get that from her Mummy. I love your giraffe LO and i love giraffes too. They are so cute!!