Wednesday, March 14, 2007

clothes and a Kim Archer workshop layout

I loved the theme of this class. "Always" There are a bunch of things Tassy always does. This is her list... I hate buying clothes. I love clothes. I just have SO much trouble finding clothes that fit. Either they don't fit my straight-up-and-down body, or pants are too short and look silly. Too-long legs are my main problem. Well this week I found two (yes TWO) pairs of pants that fit perfectly! I am SO stoked :)

Kim Archer ran some more online classes last week. If you haven't done one of her classes before you should definitely do one soon! They are so inspirational. I was a Guest Design Team member again. Such a huge honour and this is my sample.

I loved the theme of this class. "Always" There are a bunch of things Tassy always does. This is her list...
want rough play with daddy
talk about Carebear as if he's a real friend
wake up too early
play in the bath for at least an hour
talk in an American accent when you are role playing
run to me for a cuddle if a noise scares you
sneak a toy helper into daddy's work bag
are nervous around dogs
fall over or walk into things and hurt yourself (just like me)
run from the toilet when you've flushed it and go back to wash your hands when the flushing has stopped
run to the letterbox to meet the postie and receive the letters hand delivered
love to blow bubbles
embrace new experiences
get so excited when the doorbell rings
make a mess when you eat
talk so loud
full a face when I want to take your photo
are busy - always up to something
have a ride on zebery when we go outside
are hungry but are rarely thirsty

That was a pretty long list!

Have a great weekend :)


Felicity said...

I love it!! After clicking on the LO and trying my hardest to read the list, I then scrolled down and there it was in your text... D'oh!!
I love the conglomeration of photos on the right. Am definitely going to scrap-lift that. It's so cool! :-)

paulines said...

Wow, fantastic LO. I sure there are more 'always' to go on the list, especially how she loves you.

I know what you mean about clothes except I am the opposite. Too long in the pants and arms but don't fit around my big body.

take care.


Moira said...

The LO looks fab!!! Was bummed I couldn't do the class this time, I went to Melbourne for work. I have been checking in on your blog, I'm sorry I haven't commented - but I've been meaning to email or ring! Will try this week. x