Sunday, February 11, 2007

Layouts to share

I've had this photo of me in my Woolies outfit floating around for ages. Finally I've stuck it on some cardstock :) I was inspired by two layouts in Scrapbooking Memories here. A layout design by Mardi, and doodled letter stickers by Kim. And Tassy on stage in her concert last year. We weren't allowed to take photos and the professional photographer only took about four photos of Tassy's routine. I couldn't believe she was in two of them!
LOL... according to this test I'm a genius! I got 24 out of 33. I love these tests. Now if only it were true :) I know I'm pretty good at working things out, problem solving, but I have a shocking memory!

Tassy started back at Ballet on Tuesday and yesterday she started a new Jazz class. We had a wander around the shops, then last night I was like totally spewin (in my best Kylie Mole voice) when I realised that we missed the Multicultural food festival! We'd been looking forward to it since last year and knew it was on some time around now. I only thought of looking it up on the net last night and realised it had been on that day! Bummer. We had a great time last year sampling different cuisines and watching the cultural dances. I'm so annoyed! Today wasn't the best day either. Dave's computer has died and he has been in a terrible mood. We're hoping a $75 part will fix it, otherwise we'll be up for a new computer! Fingers crossed...

Hope you had a great weekend!


Megan said...

Good luck with the new part working in Dave's computer Yvette....$75 is sooo much cheaper than a new computer!

Fabulous layouts too!

Megan xx

Mardi said...

Ohhh Yvette....Im so looking forward to the new SM...and Ij ust love your layouts....those ballet shots with Tassy in are gorgeous.

Bummer about missing the food it on the calendar for next year as soon as you know....and did I read something about you having a terrible

good luck with Dave's computer...hope the $75 bit does the job...
Mardi x

Jolene Pienaar said...

Love the LO's, awesome. Good luck with the fixing of the computer!

Felicity said...

I got 22/33 so that makes me a genius too... but not as smart as you! :-) Where do you find the other answers? LO are wonderful as always!

paulines said...

Hi Yvette,

Love the LO of Tassy. Sorry about Dave's computer.

I just noticed that you are my side of town must get in touch (especially if you have computer problems, DH thinks he is a bit of expert on these matters).

take care


Julie said...

Pages look great Yvette. Love the pics of Tassy at her concert. We werenot allowed to atke photos at Asher's.