Thursday, February 08, 2007

KSK layout

Boy it's been a week again since my last post. What's wrong with me?!

I was wondering what I could post about then I remembered I have a layout to share! This one is for KSK and I used the KI Memories Joyful range again. I just love this range. Love the bright colours. This photo is two years old - when Tassy had two plaits woven into her hair at the African hair salon here in Canberra. I had always been curious about this salon and one day ventured in to have a look. I just love African hairstyles. The African hairdresser just adored Tassy and offered to do these plaits. Tassy wore them for two weeks (I did a layout about this two years ago). I asked for a quote to do cornrows in my hair - I've always wanted them.... Wait for it.... $400!!!! Anyway here's the layout!I got a DT package today from my LSS. It's only my third assignment in almost six months, but each one has been great! Lovely papers and products. This time it was an MDF ribbon dispenser - a long thin box with lots of holes in the front. With lovely pink and yellow papers and yellow paint. Love those colours. Well I was so inspired I completed the whole thing today! Now I just have to venture over to the other side of Canberra to hand it in. Which is a bit hard without a car. Did I mention that the girl who's been driving Dave to work has stopped driving so now he has to take the car? It means we will walk to Preschool (the exercise will be great for me!) and bus it to ballet and jazz. I am disappointed to lose some of my freedom. If I want to visit a friend I'll have to drive Dave to and from work (almost an hour for the round trip). But it will work out. And my good friend Lea (+Bella&Ollie) are withing walking distance. Back to the ribbon dispenser - I'll share it once I've handed it in!

Have a great day!


Jolene Pienaar said...

gorgeous LO, and wow insane price for the cornfields, wow!

Can't wait to see the ribbon thingo too

Mardi said... that layout....the photo is just perfect with those papers and it Yvette.

Bummer about the car...walking is ok...but not when its hot or raining.....or am I just

Looking forward to seeing the ribbon sounds wonderful.
Mardi x

Moira said...

Yummy! Don't forget to call in here when you come over this way. Actually wait, I was going to phone you to come over next Saturday - we could do it then!!! I have a DT assignment too (!) ... Anyway I love the layout - so cool!
Talk soon. x