Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Canberra Show

We scored free tickets to the show thanks to my friend Lea's husband who was working there and got the tickets for us. We hadn't been for at least ten years, so Tassy had never been. And we probably wouldn't have gone if we didn't have free tickets, but we had a ball! We went into the Farmyard nursery and touched some chicks, ducklings and a piglet. We watched a cow milking demo. I love cows - even their smell. And it was pretty strong walking thru the cow shed, especially with a bum in your face that's making a fresh pattie! Then we went on the ferris wheel, dodgem cars and Euroslide. Woah that thing is fast. Tassy and I were airborne and it was so fast I was actually scared! But it was great fun!

I LOVED Music and Lyrics. I laughed. I almost cried but I managed to keep the tears in my eyes from falling :) I just loved it. It was weird too cos Drew Barrymore always reminds me of my sister Charlotte. Then Drew's sister was played by Kristen Johnston who ALSO reminds me of Charlotte. But when Drew and Kristen were together it's obvious that they're nothing alike. There - a little bit of useless info for you :) My favourite part of the movie was the opening sequence and if you've seen the movie check this out (don't look if you haven't seen the movie - it will spoil it!!!) clip

I finally did two layouts for myself this week. I started with this one about Tassy's aggressive behaviour and her attitude lately. So then I had to do a happy one about her starting Preschool :)
Have a great weekend!


Megan said...

Hi Yvette,

Glad to hear you had such a great time at the show...I love shows! And I get what you are saying about the cows :-)

I loved Music and Lyrics too - Hugh just LOOKED like one of those boys from the pop groups of the '80s didn't he?!

And your layouts are just beautiful. I love them both!

Megan xx

Mardi said...

....Hi Yvette...I havent been to a show for years....and reading about your trip brought back lots of memories.... the pavillions full of baking, crafts, photography, floral masterpirces.....I wonder if those pavillions are as packednow days as they were years ago.

Love the layouts... just spectacular as usual....

Mardi x

Felicity said...

I cried reading "this face"... Hope it gets easier for all 3 of you soon XOXO

paulines said...

Hi Yvette,

How lucky were you to get the show tickets. My boys wanted to go but we are very 'bad' parents. Did Tassy love the show? My youngest only wanted a particular showbag that's why he wanted to go and my oldest DS wanted to go with his friends (without adult supervision, I don't think so!).

Your LO are great (as always). I am hoping to meet you soon as I really need your expert advice.

take care