Tuesday, December 26, 2006


We had a lovely Christmas Day. We alternate between my family in Wollongong and Dave's family here in Canberra, so we were in Canberra this year. We actually slept in until the phone rang at 8:10am. What a great day for Tassy to finally sleep in! We had a leisurely morning opening presents and having a late breakfast. Tassy got lots of activities and toys, and I got a digital SLR (woohoo!). Dave got lots of dvds and some computer stuff. In the afternoon we visited Bella in hospital and had a lovely visit for almost two hours. Then on to Dave's parents' for dinner.

I thought I'd share the Christmas cushions I have given to my family over the past three years. I totally lifted the design from ones I saw in a shop window a few years ago. I'd love to see the design again to see how mine differ. Actually the originals all had writing on them like the Santa one, but after I stitched the first Santa one I decided the writing was too much trouble! And this is a little train I made for my mum. Oh, when I say "made" I mean I painted it and covered it with patterned paper lol. This was inspired by one Fiona Carter had in Scrapbooking Memories a year or two ago. I totally loved hers. I've been practicing a little on my new camera. Just playing. I haven't look at how to upload to my pc yet. Hopefully I'll have a few photos to share next time!

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Kelly said...

Hi Yvette-
Glad you had a merry christmas.
And i LOVE those cushions. Did you really make them? They are fantastic.
And lucky you to get a digi slr. That was on my chrissy list - but I must have been too naughty ;o)
Have a fabulous New Year!!
Love Kel XXX

Julie said...

Love the cushion Yvette. They look great.

Enjoy your new camera. That is one of my dreams.

Kim Archer said...

wowee the cushions look sensational!!! you clever thing! Glad you had a lovely Christmas and lucky you - a sleep in!!!! Your Christmas train looks great too

Moira said...

Love those cushions!!! And I love your NOEL train too, but you know that from when I saw it IRL! ;)
Glad your Chrissy was lovely and how wonderful to receive a digi SLR!!! Catch up soon?!

Rachie said...

Yay for the new camera I am sure you are in love with it already.

The cushions are impossibly cute - lifted or not :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Yvette.

Anonymous said...

Great cushions Yvette.

Hope your New Year is as good as your Christmas.


Mardi said...

Ohhh..Yvette...these cushions are just gorgeous .....you must have been so busy leading up to christmas.
Your Christmas day sounds wonderful.... and Im sure Bella loved your visit too.

...and Tassys photos from the mall look absolutley gorgeous...its no wonder you caved in and bought one....I would have too.

I feel like I havent chatted for ages..... the silly season just takes over.... looking forward to visiting more regularly again now.

Mardi x

chanel said...

love the noel train ... too cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wow !! I just love the cushions Yvette, they are gorgeous, and the little train how very sweet, love it.

Best Wishes