Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scrap night

I went to my lovely friend Lea's place to scrap the other night. I enjoyed it so much. We haven't caught up much lately. Tassy and Lea's dd Bella are best friends but they've both been sick a bit lately. I stayed until after midnight which is SO unlike me. I love my sleep. As it was I couldn't get to sleep until 2am (it's always hard for me to get to sleep after scrapping at night) and was up at 6am so I'm pretty tired! But it was worth it. We had a great catch up. And I got two layouts completed, which was great. This first one I did loosely following Kim Archer's class notes. But I didn't plan well enough and didn't have the right supplies with me. But I like how it turned out.We got Tassy's ballet photos back yesterday. How cute is my girl!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some more layouts. Catch you later!


Mardi said...

Yvette...what gorgeous layouts....I particularly like the 'I taught her everything she knows' one....such gorgeous make-up.
Tassy looks absolutley beautiful in her tutu ... and I love the rosy cheeks ..she really is a sweetie.
Mardi x

Kim Archer said...

oh what gorgeous photos of Tassy!!!! And your layouts both look great:)))

Jolene Pienaar said...

O I can see you are loving some of the new BG papers!

Love those photos toooooo cute!

And your LO's are totally stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pages and the pics Yvette.

Your little girl looks so cute.

traceyb said...

Tassy looks so cute in her tutu and her "wired hair", wish my girls were dancers..but no.
Love your layouts, they look fab!!

Moira said...

Gorgeous! Love the Ferris Wheel one especially. And how cute is Tassy in her outfit!!! x

Moira said...

P.S. LOL at the makeup!!!