Saturday, November 18, 2006

Concert Day!

Tassy's concert this afternoon was fantastic. We had seats in the front row and she spotted us when she was on stage. She kept shouting out to us and waving. She was a bit sidetracked and didn't do a lot of the dance! But it was so much fun. When the youngest class came out at the beginning of the show I got a bit teary! I don't know why! I thought I'd be a mess when Tassy appeared on stage, but I was fine :) We watched the whole matinee concert, then I took her back for the evening concert. STUPID me got the time wrong! I thought it started at 7pm but it started as 6pm! So when we arrived I was wondering where all the other little "wind up dolls" were. Well they were on stage! She missed her routine and only went on for the very end of the toyshop routine. I was SO annoyed at myself! Hopefully they will use the video from the matinee as the one for sale, so she'll actually be IN IT! Of course we weren't allowed to take photos or video ourselves.

I'm sharing two layouts from my For Keeps Elite Team entry. I'll share another two tomorrow and one I can't share cos they are keeping for publication, so I was pretty happy with that :) Tassy took the photo on this first layout. The second layout has the very first photo taken of Dave and I, at a party nine years ago.


Anonymous said...

love the pages yvette.

sounds like your little angel had fun.

Jolene Pienaar said...

Wow, how totally funky are those LO's!!
And how frustrating that a person can't take a photo of your own girl .... that would seriously annoy me!

Moira said...

Love 'em! And I can relate to the concert - I've done similar things myself. 6pm is a silly time - no wonder you thought it was 7!