Thursday, October 12, 2006


We went to Floriade today. It goes for a month and ends this weekend. I had wanted to go earlier but it just never happened and now most of the flowers are old and haggered. Tulips are my favourite but they were mostly just stalks :( I managed to get two decent photos.This is Tassy's latest look. Fake smile and eyes not looking at the camera. So annoying!Isn't that rose background to die for?! A wall full of real roses about 2.5m x 2.5m. I drooled when I saw it. Here's one a nice lady took of Tassy and I.

Tassy had her first ride on a Ferris Wheel and loved it. What is it with the Carnies who run the rides? They're always missing a few teeth and haven't brushed their hair in years! Back to Floriade... it was a hot morning. We stayed for about 1½ hours then went to meet my friend Tracey at a cafe. Tracey is Tassy's new best friend. Boy, Tassy just loved her! (Hi Tracey!) Tracey has loaned me Ali Edwards new book and I've only read a few pages so far but it looks like a good book - It's about using patterned paper and I love pp! Maybe I'll trot off and read a bit more now.

Thanks girls for your help choosing a photo from yesterday's post. It was a huge help!


Tracey said...

Hey there you two! Well I snuck back into work only 25 minutes late!. Oops, but I was having so much fun with you guys.
Tassy,thanks for the big HUG and kiss goodbye, hope to see you again.
I loved that wall of roses at Floriade, my lot wouldn't pose for a photo.
Love the photos of your mum & dad & can't wait to see your "Baa baa" LO. (and yep, those Carnie guys always scary!)

Jolene Pienaar said...

Wow totally gorgeous! Love all those photos. And how much Tassy has grown from your last year's floriade LO.

Looking gorgeous you two!

Julie said...

Loved the pics on this post and the previous one too. Have fun scrapping them.