Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Design Team layouts

I'm on the Design Team for a LSS - Scrap The Lot. The team has been together for a few months but this was only my second project. My first was this lunchpail. hmmm... link doesn't seem to be working. But you can check it out on my post dated 12 August. These fresh Sandylion papers are so gorgeous - they even have sparkles! That's Tassy in the first layout and me in the second. They actually look a lot better in real life.
I met up with a new online friend today. Ally is from Sydney but her family is living in Canberra 4 days a week for the next two years, so she emailed me asking if I wanted a new friend. She has three children 3, 2 and 5 months. We went to Belconnen Mall and Tassy, Piper and Bridie had a ball playing in a playarea for almost two hours! Tassy has been absolutely CRAVING a playmate, since we avoided playmates while she had pneumonia. She enjoyed herself so much today, it was fantastic. And I had a great time chatting with Ally.

Cal Wilson was hysterical on Thank God You're Here tonight. Loved her!


Moira said...

Cal was hilarious, huh!!! Breasticles, ROFLMAO.
Love your LOs - glad you got another assignment!
And next time you're out this way let me know - Roie is always up for a bit of socialising as well! Is Ally northside?
Catch you soon.

Jolene Pienaar said...

Wow Yvette, those LO's are just amazing!!

Mardi said...

Yvette....I just adore these much does Tassy look like you.
....and how lovely for you to catch up with a new friend..and how lovely for her to have you near by.
Im off to read your last I think I may have seen my name mentioned...ROFL
Mardi x