Thursday, October 26, 2006

A big day

Tassy and I went to the Playgroup Kids Capers Expo on Tuesday, with our new friends Ally, Piper, Bridie and Charlie. There was a petting farm (my favourite!), jumping castle and the magician Tricky Nick. Tassy was SO excited when they announced Tricky Nick! She was a lot happier with his tricks this time. I mentioned him on my blog a few months ago - on that occasion Tassy didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She just couldn't figure out what was happening with his tricks. This time she was pretty lighthearted about it all and loved it. When we went to the Kids Capers Expo two years ago they also had pony rides and we were really disappointed that they didn't have them this time :( I made a bit of a fool of myself two years ago. When Tassy was being lead around I said to the teenager leading her, "What's this pony's name?". He said "Actually, it's a donkey." Yes I do know the difference! I hadn't even looked. He probably rolled his eyes and thought "Typical city chick". I grew up in houses surrounded by horses! Anyway, we had a big day on tuesday. After the Kids Capers Expo we visited friends on the way home then went to ballet. Dave thought he could hear Tassy wheezing that evening and she has the occasional dry cough. So Dave thinks she has asthma (he has it too). So off we trotted the next morning to the doctor. To diagnose asthma at her age she has to have ventolin for two weeks and we have to see what happens to her cough. I hope the cough is just lingering from her pneumonia - the doctor said the post-pneumonia cough could hang around for 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed it's just that and not asthma.

Well I hadn't shared this layout before cos I'm not thrilled with it. But I want to share a layout today and I've got nothing else! This is my latest Design Team layout for Memory Bugs. These papers were a bit tricky since they're not my usual style. I do quite like the spot paper which I've used in a strip here. I've used it a few times since, in a strip again. The journalling is pretty small so I'll make it easy for you... "Today was your last ballet class for the term. You are allowed to dress up on the last day. Most girls dressed as fairies or princesses. Not you, you had to be a clown." Yes she's a character, my girl! I did next months DT layout today. These papers were really tricky too! But I actually liked my layout in the end. It's different from my usual style - I think so anyway! I'll share it in a few weeks after the newsletter is out.


Mardi said...

Well I loved your layout.... and I adored this big bright photo of Tassy...she made a very beautiful clown. I have sort of got my layout in the planning....and although I wasnt fussed with the papers to start with...Im thinking they may actually look ok will be fantastic to see what everyone comes up with again. Sounds like you had a lovely day at the Playgroup Kids Capers... I hope you took lots of photos ...Im sure you did.
Mardi x

*Jeanne* said...

Your layout is so precious and adorable! I love how put such detail on your designs. The photo is so priceless! I love it!

I can't wait to see you other designs for nextmonth.... see me biting my nails? LOL

Sounds like you had a great day with Tassy! I hope you took some photos!

Thanks for stopping by my bloggie.

Hugs from across the pond!

Moira said...

I think the way you've done it really draws attention to the gorgeous colourful photo! I love all your LOs. x