Saturday, August 05, 2006

SM layouts

Just a quickie. I got my copy of Scrapbooking Memories yesterday. I'll share one of my layouts that's published in it, cos the colours in the magazine are all washed out. They seem to do that a lot! This is me in Year 12 - sixteen years ago! Almost half my life ago.. I wanted to use up lots of old papers. This isn't my usual style but I do like it.
Oh well... I might as well post my other layout from SM. I love this photo of Tassy. She was being a bit strange, hiding behind the curtains in my bedroom, but I love the way this photo turned out, with the light behind her, and the texture of the (fake) suede curtains. Although you can't really see the texture in this little image.


Alanna said...

Beautiful LO's, love the colours in the first one :)

Alanna :)

jody said...

gorgeous LOs

Moira said...

I saw your gorgeous LOs in SM! Beautiful work as always. (But how slack of SM to spell your name wrong!!)