Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Dave graduated today! It has been nine long years since he began... he worked full time, took a few semesters off here and there when Tassy came along, considered throwing in the towel a few times, but he hung in there and now it's all over! I'm so happy it's over, and so proud.

Here he is on the dais.
And here we all are afterwards.
This is a scan of the photographers proof. Isn't the quality awful. They must want you to actually PURCHASE a decent copy! (yes we will!)
Under his gown he's wearing special clothes he wore to every exam. They're not so pretty, but meaningful :)


Carole Janson said...

Hi Yvette,

I saw on MB that you now have a blog, so I thought I would come and say hello and welcome you to the world of Blogging.

Love your new home.


Moira said...

Congratulations Dave!!! I think the photo looks OK - a little bit of editing, it will be fine!!! Especially once it's scrapped. LOL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave! I am sure your girls are very proud of your achievement and i am pretty sure i understand your relief at finally being able to say, Yay, its over! LOL. Hope you are all well and things are going great. Thanks for the Blog Evee, another great way to keep in touch! Love Mellie xxx

Sharryn T said...

Congrats Dave...thats AWESOME news!!
I think the pic looks great actually!!
Well done Yvette on your artical in SC this month...looks fabbo!
You both should be really proud of yourselves.
Sharryn :)