Monday, July 10, 2006


Today is exactly two years since we moved in, and yesterday... our landscaping was finished! I still have lots of planting to do - only a little has been done so far.

This photo was taken when we moved in...
And I took these ones today!
That's right - no grass! Dave was keen to have no grass - no lawn to mow and no grass to require a lot of water. I convinced him to have grass in our backyard but we haven't done our backyard yet. That's yellow granite on the nature strip and the path. It's a bit patchy cos it's wet. It does look pretty dry without grass, but with more trees and plants it should look lush - hopefully! I'm planting mondo grass around the entire perimetre of the garden edging (almost 100m!), which I've been cultivating for a while. I think I have enough but it will be pretty sparse to start with. But in time that should do a nice job of defining the garden edges and add some greenery.

I'm just so happy that it's finally been done! Organising everything was the worst - not my forte! But now that's done I can get stuck into planting which I'm excited about!


Moira said...

Well done Yvette!!! You must be so proud - it looks great and will be amazing once the plants are there!

Sharryn T said... guys must be so proud.
Well done.
Sharryn :)

Melinda Sturgiss said...

Hey guys! Great Work! It looks fantastic and such a big change from when you first moved in huh!? I loved landscaping and it sounds like you guys enjoyed doing it too. The most fun is choosing what gorgeous plants to put throught it! When you are done, more pix please? lol. Love Mellie xxx