Friday, July 14, 2006


Tassy went into her bedroom and shut the door yesterday. That usually means she's up to something.... I went to investigate and she wouldn't tell me what she was doing. Then I found.... hair on the floor! Then I found some more!
She had cut about 10cm off one side! So this morning after our shower I cut it straight across. It's SO short now! But... it's only hair. It will grow. I wonder what Dave will say cos I don't think he realised how much she cut off! :(


Mardi said... awful..I can remember my DS chopping his hair too..he cut his fringe back to the he had to have a severe crew cut all over...but like you said it grows back.
Take care
Mardi x

Moira said...

She looks adorable anyway! At least she didn't cut it really close to her scalp. Catch you soon!

Nicole Rayner said...

Hi Yvette,
I just found you blog through Memory Bugs... I know how you feel my youngest daughter did exactly the same thing about 2 weeks ago but at the top of her head to one side so it is very noticable and there was nothing I could really do to fix it, I just need to let it grow. It was very sad when it happened.
But like you said it will grow back.

Sharryn T said...

Oh no Yvette! My eldest DS did this once and I took him to the hairdressers (who luckily was my friend and had been pre-warned of my visit)and told him that I was getting his head shaved seeing as though he didn't want his hair anyway. He never did it again and my DD was quite traumatised by the whole thing also and she never tried..LOL
Sharryn :)