Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ballet layout

My printer is playing up. This photo was meant to be black and white but has turned out a sort of pinky-sepia. Anyway, I went with it and used a brown and pink colour scheme and I think it turned out alright! This photo was taken on the last day of term in Tassy's ballet class. They all got to dress up and Tassy wanted to be a frill neck lizard! She wore a skirt around her waist and another one around her neck. That's Tassy in the middle.


Mardi said...

Yvette ...what a stunning layout...I think the pinkish sepia look is just perfect for this.
LOL Tassy and the frill neck cute is that.
My DD Briony does ballet and their costumes are so beautiful arent they.
Take care Mardi

Sharryn T said...

Gorgeous LO Yvette. I remember when my printer was playing up and printing all my B & W's out with a bluish tinge..they looked great..LOL
Wow..sounds like Dave has done really well with his studying and obviously received great marks. Thats great!
Gorgeous jumper too Yvettes mum..I better pull my finger out and get the front of the cricket vest I have unfinished here for one of the boys. I've finished one vest and need to keep going with the others.
Take care

Moira said...

The layout looks brilliant Yvette - that pinky tone works wonderfully with what you've chosen - great job!