Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

I've been neglecting my blog, but Mardi's Blog Hop post has got me going again.  So now I have a few outfit posts coming up soon.  First one coming up!

Last year I bought some gorgeous check fabric at Spotlight, reduced to $3/m.  I bought quite a lot and last year I made this dress. It's tricky to sew with because the fabric doesn't sit straight - it warps all over the place, but it falls beautifully and feels lovely to wear.

I had heaps of fabric left over so I recently made a skirt.  I decided to use up ALL the fabric, which meant it was a really full skirt, but also quite long.  I didn't use a pattern - the waistband and the skirt are both just rectangles.

I'm still not sold on the length - I'll probably shorten it eventually, but I've worn it several times at this length.  The skirt is roughly pleated into the waistband.

I bought this top at the Zonta pre-loved clothing sale recently.  I loved the colour but it was shapeless and un-flattering.  I took the sides in before the following picture was taken, and afterwards I sewed some vintage lace around the collar for a bit more pretty.

 So my very thrifty outfit went a little something like this.

Top - $10 at Zonta pre-loved clothing sale
Skirt - Made by me for about $6
Cardi - hand me down from my sister Alicia
Brooch - gift from my sister Charlotte
Shoes - faves from I Love Billy, which are knocking at deaths door but I refuse to turn off life support just yet

My friend Sam, who has the most awesome taste in clothing, has recently started a blog and done a Bernie Dexter dress post here!


Anonymous said...

Hoorah you're back in blogland. I missed you.... love your sewing you inspire me so much (well when I have time at home to see my sewing machine) off to NZ sunday.
love you lots aaj

Granny Janny said...

Great work with the skirt. And I LOVE what you did with the little blue top.