Wednesday, March 05, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

I went through mum's vintage patterns when we stayed with them at Christmas, and came away with a few to play with.  I tackled the bottom right pattern first.

I took the pattern pieces out of the packet and almost threw away the first couple of small pieces, since they had no printing on them.  I thought they were rubbish.  Then I realised ALL the pieces were like that, and they had little holes punched in them.  I did freak out a little at first, but after reading the instructions I realised it was easy to cut and mark up.

I do love this fabric, but I've decided the style doesn't really suit me.  It does look better with a belt tho.

 And a cardi breaks it up a bit too.

Here are some pics of mum in 1969 wearing a dress Grandma made her using the same pattern. She has the version with sleeves, which I actually tried with mine, but it looked too utilitarian so I removed them.

Mum's dress has the neckline according to the pattern.  I altered mine cos it was SO high and choking me!

Dress - Made by me
Belts - Unknown
Shoes - ASOS
Crochet Necklace - Made by me
Cardi - Hand me down from my sister in law


Lisa B said...

Very cute fabric, I think some of the other styles you have made look better than this but it is pretty. Im not sure if its the same for you but I find having a long torso that those styles dont suit as well as others. Looking forwad to seeing more of your dresses!

Zara said...

All those vintage patterns look lovely. It's amazing that still today the style and cuts of the clothing are still in style.

Lea said...

Well I would have packed all the pieces right back into their packet after seeing those little holes. I think the dress is nice. It looks great on you! I would however use a floral fabric or something that doesnt need to join up at the seams. that pattern is gorgeous and I love the green so much but sewing with it would do my head in. hehe but then again patience isn't one of my virtues. Really, you always look great and I love that granny had the same dress too.a big tick from me;)

Granny Janny said...

Wow you are amazing. So glad you worked out how to use the 'old fashioned' pattern. That's when sewing was difficult and you really had to concentrate. I just LOVE your orange with the green. Well done.
Love Mum