Wednesday, February 05, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

I found some barkcloth in an op shop recently and ummed and ahhed for a little while before finally deciding to buy it.  After all, they had 50% off everything in the store and there were 5.3m for, in the end, $5! 

I wasn't sure what I'd do with it but in the end decided to make old faithful - another dress. :)  I'm so glad I did.  I just love it, so much more than I expected!  I wasn't too thrilled on all the brown, so I chose to have a yellow trim to bring out the yellow flowers.  I think it makes the dress so happy.

I changed the pattern a little - I made the neckline higher, the shoulders wider, the skirt has more volume and I gave it unpressed box pleats instead of gathers.  The box pleats took a bit of fiddling but I love them.  The sash with a bow is something new too.

The fabric was so nice to sew with, and is so nice to wear.  Barkcloth is quite thick and textured.  I had to trim a few bulky seems - in some places six layers thick, which is a bit much when the fabric is so thick!  It feels so nice to wear though.


I was careful with the placement of the pattern pieces so the bodice pieces would have the same print on both sides, front and back.  I was glad I had so much fabric to play with!

The dress cost me about $8.  Less than $3 worth of barkcloth, $3 for the yellow fabric and $2 for the zipper.

Dress - Made by me
Shoes - Pierre Fontaine (these poor shoes have no soles and are too far gone to be repaired... and yet I continue to wear them... I haven't found a replacement pair yet!)
Necklace - gift from Mum, from the Stitches and Craft Fair I think


Zara said...

I love it. You did such an amazing job sewing it and it looks lovely on you.

sky-blu-pink said...

love this! great colours for a beautiful blonde like you!

Lisa B said...

You need to start selling these, you are very talented!!

Laura Jane said...

BRAVO!!! So well done!

Vanessa said...

A fantastic effort, well done.

Julie Chipperfield said...

You did an amazing job placing the pattern pieces in just the right places for the patterns on the fabric. I especially love the way you did it on the back. I love the yellow trim and the bow and long tails. Best shoes... it will be hard to replace them they are the perfect colour match for the dress. Great job girl...... aaj

Granny Janny said...

I LOVE this dress. I love the yellow trim and especially the bow sash. So different for you. I love the fuller skirt and how you placed the patterned fabric perfectly. You'll have to replace those yellow shoes though. Best $5 you've ever spent!!!
Love Mum.