Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

My home made check winter dress turned out to be pretty versitile.  I love it paired with teal tights, belt and necklace and an angora cardi handed down from my sister Alicia (I am so lucky with her hand me downs!).  I wore this to the National Gallery to see the Turner exhibition with my parents, and bumped into Andrew Denton and Jennifer Byrne.  Well I was too chicken to talk to Denton but Jennifer Byrne just feels like an old friend so I told her I think she's wonderful and got a pic with her. LOL.  I'm such a dag.

Dress - made by me
Cardi - hand me down from my sister
Tights - Glassons
Belt - Jay Jays
Shoes - I Love Billy
Necklace - Etsy


Lea said...

You are such a dag! A lovely one tho. What an interesting couple they would be. Would they be on your dinner party list? Who else would you invite?

Lea said...

Ok so my instant thought was the Dalai Lama. I know! I also really like Hugh jackman and Debra lee Furness. I think they'd be fun and interesting.
I would have ask someone musical maybe Elton John just so he could play Benny and the Jetts. I'll let you know who else is on the list after I ponder a bit.

Charlotte said...

I'll be interested to see Lea's blog post about her dinner party! Lol!
I saw my first celebrity yesterday! We went to Opera bar in the city for a post wedding lunch with Lil & Hung and Flynn was crying & ready for a feed and the table next to us kept staring at us (but with smiles on their faces which was weird) and I thought "man that guy looks like the red headed guy from Modern Family" and I left to feed Flynn & when I got back Lil said "did u see the guy from modern family was at the table next to us?" I was like "d'oh! I only thought he looked like him, not that it was actually him!" Hahahaha! I'm an idiot.
I thought you loved Andrew Denton! Were u a bit starstruck?

Kelli said...

This is gorgeous!!! Love the check!!!