Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Tassy's new bed

Do you remember the vintage cast iron bed I posted about a few weeks ago?  Here's how it used to look...

Well, it's now been extended to a king single length, sandblasted and powder coated.  And now it's taking Tasmyn to the land of nod every night.

I love it.  It is HUGE compared to her old bed, which was even skinnier than a single bed, and with a much smaller frame.

I know, I know, those shelves are chockers!  Would you believe that's even after a clean up?  Still needs some work.

We were so incredibly lucky that Dave's parents had this bed in their shed.  Who would have thought!  



Lea said...

It came up beautifully. I look fwd to seeing it in real life. Tassy's whole room is beautiful..and tidy;)

Lea said...

Hey I changed my profile pic finally ...you took this picture of me. I am wearing my skirt you helped me to make.

Mardi said...

OMGosh....that bed couldnt be cuter.....I LOVE it.
Tassys room is just beautiful...so girly.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...


Moi x