Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is a new skirt.  It used to  be a dress.  Do you want to see? 

The dress itself wasn't too bad, but those triangle boob holders were total boob squishers.  Most unflattering.  And then the triangles were flappy at the top.  I challenge the designers to find anyone who would fit that shape!  Maybe someone completely flat-chested, with large elevated pecs...  Who knows.  Anyway, I wore it a lot despite the boob flatteners before it dawned on me that I could so easily turn it into a skirt.  It was so easy it's practically cheating.  I cut off the boob flatteners and left the wide waistband.  I folded the waistband in half and sewed it down.  There's a zip at the back which I also folded in half and carefully sewed the folded bits to each side, so I could still pull the zip up.  Super easy!  Now I even wear it to work, which I never did with the dress.

Top - Ice (I think), it's actually a dress
Skirt - Op Shop and altered
Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Necklace - Diva


Lea said...

Boob flatteners gahhh that's something I certainly don't need! Great revamp, much more wearable I guess. You always look so happy.

Charlotte said...

Elevated pecks! Who are these people? I LOL'd though!
Great transformation! You really are a sewing wizz!

Julie Chipperfield said...

Oh I love the re-make skirt esp with the hot pink top. Well done, I am so proud of you, clever thing. love aaj