Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A weekend away

We took our Chinese exchange student Angel to the beach on the weekend.  She was very keen to get there - I think the beach is the thing that excited her most about Australia.  I chose Murramarang Resort near Batemans Bay because they have lots of kangaroos.  Silly me - she wouldn't go near them.  Tassy and I enjoyed them at least!  I took over 500 photos, lol, so considering I'm only sharing about 40, I've done a pretty good job of culling!



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Granny Janny said...

Your photos are just awesome!! It brings tears to me eyes seeing Tassy give so much to Angel, her time, her knowledge, how to built sandcastles, pointing out what's in the water. Angel will have learned THE MOST from Tassy. Some gorgeous photos of Tassy. I think she is filling out from her bean pole!!
How does Murramarang compare to DP?
Love Mum