Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wellington NZ - Day 7

It's our last day!

We headed out for breakfast via the harbour. This time venturing east where we'd only ever been north/west at the harbour.

Wellington is SO windy!!!!!

We went back to Sweet Mother's again for breakfast - thinking of you Charlotte! This time I had the breakfast burritoes with potato hash on the side. So good!

This cool sculpture is right outside Sweet Mothers. It was created by Peter Jackson's WETA workshop in recognition of the NZ film and TV industry.

A lovely little shop was hosting a competition looking for the best peg doll. There were some awesome ones!

We left at lunchtime to get to the airport with plenty of time for our flight from Wellington airport. Apparently it has the shortest international runway in the world, and so can only handle small planes. Which means they only fly to Australia. It has a really unusual international terminal that looks like an armadillo. This model was inside.

This is Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings. Boy it's so high! We could see it easily in the distance from the plane.

I got home to a happy Dave and Tassy who had looked after each other so well and hadn't missed me too much. It was a fantastic holiday but I was so tired and so happy to be home!


Granny Janny said...

I feel sad that our diary of our holiday is over. Back to normal now. Oh well I guess not till after this big Annual Craft Sale and Garden Party.
Love Mum
PS So glad you and Tassy can come.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! It is windy. Even that statue man looks like he's about to blow into the water!
Moi x

Lea said...

I am so happy you had that holiday:)

Charlotte said...

Yes I would have loved Sweet Mothers again! YUM!