Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bunting necklace

I love bunting necklaces but hadn't found one that I really liked. So I thought I'd try making my own. I was inspired by this pin. I had some red faux leather, cut out the triangles and painted each one a different colour. I even painted the red one because I wanted it to have the same texture as the other colours.

Then I punched holes at the top, joined the triangles together with little rings, and threaded wire onto each end. I used a necklace clasp to join them together.

Ideally if I made one again I would make the flags a bit smaller, but I do love it!


sky-blu-pink said...

Congratulations! It turned out really well! It is so sweet, and better because it is all your own design and making.

Charlotte said...

U are so talented! It's beautiful!
I love my bunting necklace, I'm sure yours will make you as happy when you wear it as mine does! Probably more, cos you made it yourself! Great work!

Lea said...

great job. you are very clever. so glad you liked your little parcel. i miss you. we leave in a week so it's frantic here;)

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome!
Moi x