Saturday, May 12, 2012

Charlotte & Jaimeson's visit

Charlotte and Jaimeson stayed with us recently. Their trip was cut short cos Jaimeson got sick with a cold. Poor little guy. He had such trouble sleeping, but he was the happiest thing when he was awake. It made me laugh that he woke up from a terrible sleep and was so bright and happy. He really is such a bringer of joy. Tassy and I had lots of lovely cuddles with him and she played with him a lot. It always makes me proud that she's so lovely with her little cousins. And we got to do some crafty things and op shopping and devouring of foodstuffs. :) It was a lovely visit.

Here are some (pretty ordinary) pics from their visit.

Ha ha, I only realised when I was looking at the photos just now that Tassy snapped this one while I was playing the bongos on Jaimeson's booty. I do love playing the baby bongos!

Here's the little worm trying to polish my floors.

I should have thought ahead and got myself one of these.


Lea said...

ohhh heis adorable. he looks like such a happy boy too.

Charlotte said...

Hahahah, BOOTY BONGOS!! I love to play them too :) He's got a good booty for bongoing!
We had a lovely stay! Thanks for having us. Bummer he got sick.
I am SOOO Happy that he is such a happy boy. He has a lovely nature. Always smily. Even when he's sick!
The incident of the car in the mirror just shows how he can't stay sad for long! LOL!

Anonymous said...

It lovely that your girls got to spend some time together while Dad and I were away o/s. It is so good that Tassy can spend some special times with her cousins when she lives so far away.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Congrats on the 5 years Charlotte. xx